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Get additional Instabug benefits while developing apps bug-free for your clients faster.

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Grow With Us

Instabug has direct discounts for our Software Agency Partners developing more than 4 apps. We know the hurdles, and with more apps developed with Instabug's SDK, the more the discounts .

24/7 Partner Priority Support

For our Software Agency Partners, we provide a dedicated email to hear from you and we provide special agency accounts. You will never have a question unanswered, even on weekends.

Referral Program Included

The more successful referrals of clients that continue to use Instabug, the more you will get in your wallet. Receive 20% of the subscription packages value of each referral straight up.

Assisted Migration

When you're done developing an app for your client, we will help them get onboard with Instabug without you having to worry. We will make sure that the transition is as easy as it gets.

Why Should Your Clients Use Instabug?

An app with Instabug integrated gives it so much more capabilities. 

Your clients will be able to continue from where you left off with no hassle. 

Get In-App Bug Reports

Avoid Negative Reviews

Avoid Public Ratings with In-App Feedback

Full Native Experience

Reduce Churn

Spot Data and Statistics

Apply to become a Partner.

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After becoming a Partner, you receive discounts for integrating Instabug in the apps you develop, access to priority support, and referral bonuses for clients who subscribe to a paid plan.

What special benefits do I get as an Instabug Agency Partner?

Instabug offers value compensation for referring Instabug to your clients.  Receive 20% of the subscription packages value of each referral straight up. We also offer you priority support as part of your Agency account.

What kind of compensation will I get for bringing clients ?

Yes, you need to have an Instabug account to benefit from becoming a Partner. Sign up for an account here and apply today to our Software Agency Partner Program.

Do I have to have an Instabug account?

Becoming a Partner is as flexible as it can be. You can opt out at any time. However, to benefit from being a Partner, you are required to Instabug in the apps you develop for clients.

What kind of a commitment does the program involve?

You need to have at least 4 apps in the pipeline with Instabug integrated to receive discounts. The more apps you develop with Instabug integrated, the more discounts you receive. 

How many apps do I need to get special discounts?

You can ask as many questions as you want! Simply start a chat with one of our dedicated Customer Happiness Engineers!

I have another question. What do I do?

Why Instabug? 

"A big problem Instabug solved was our communication with clients. Before Instabug, we’d get a lot of feedback but it was just a big list of unorganized and random screenshots. It was a hassle trying to figure out what the problems were and get relevant information like device and OS."

Wells Riley Breann Johnson

CitrusBits’ Lead Product Owner

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