Collect and understand user feedback with in-app surveys and feature requests

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More Feedback, Fewer Interruptions

Collect user feedback directly from inside your app without disrupting your user's app experience. Send targeted surveys to specific user segments, and get powerful insights to enhance your customer-focused product.

In-App Surveys

Prioritize Features and Optimize Your Backlog

Own a single channel where all your users’ feature requests are submitted from inside your app. Engaging with your users in a discussion will help you understand the need behind their requests and tailor and prioritize your backlog.

In-App Feature Requests

Collect detailed feedback

Use Instabug's Surveys and Feature Requests Management to

collect and understand feedback from your users. Explore the data to find out what your customers really need from your product by constantly monitoring results from the dashboard.

Enhance your product with the output from each survey and feature request. Know exactly what to prioritize in your backlog and what to disscard by keeping your users always in your development loop.

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Build a customer-focused product

Manage Feedback In One Dashboard

Why Our Users Love Us? 

"The users love shaking the device to send in feedback! Not to mention the ‘user steps’ tracking that gives the developers a great idea of what the user did to run into a bug"

Nishant Asthana

Sr Engineering Manager at eBay

“With Instabug, we are able to gather real and actionable feedback that makes our product development cycle much faster and more efficient” 

Antoine Loisance

Head PM at Vente-Privee

"Instabug makes it easier for our beta testers to quickly send feedback right from within the app, helping us identify and fix critical issues" 

Billy Pham

Beta Program Manager at Lyft

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