Build a User-Centric Mobile App

Cut down development time and enhance your product with 7X more Contextual Feedback. Gauge user satisfaction with In-App NPS and App Store Rating surveys and cut negative reviews by 80%.

More Feedback with Fewer Interruptions

Collect user feedback directly from inside your app without disrupting their app experience. Send targeted surveys to specific segments, or use pre-built templates like NPS and App Rating to measure user loyalty and satisfaction.

Analyze Responses and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Analyze the feedback you get to make data-driven decisions and prioritize fixes and features based on insights from user comments. Handle unhappy users in private conversations instead of in the app stores or social media. 

Over 25,000 Mobile Teams Rely on Instabugfor Real-Time Contextual Feedback

"Instabug helps us aggregate user feedback to identify issues and learn more about our user's flow and needs. It helps us uphold our commitment to responding to each and every report we get."

Kimberly Kalb

Head of Marketing

Get Valuable Insights With In-App Feedback

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