Improve Total App Quality With Instabug’s Robust Platform

Get Started with Instabug: Performance Monitoring and Error Prioritization for Your Mobile Apps

Learn how to become proactive in solving your mobile app challenges.

Key takeaways

  • How Instabug gives mobile teams full visibility and ownership of the performance of their app
  • The importance of setting prioritization to address high-risk issues
  • How to integrate and customize the Instabug SDK to your needs

Meet the Speaker

Ali Shawer

Sales Engineer, Instabug

Join us as we go through a live demo of the Instabug platform and answer any questions you may have on how Instabug can help you take your app to the next level. We will walk thru Crash Reporting, Application Performance Monitoring, and Bug Reporting capabilities while discussing use cases and values. You’ll learn how to integrate and customize the SDK, track your first session, blend Instabug into your existing workflow, and more.

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