The Mobile Application Performance Monitoring Guide 

Why is performance monitoring important?

App Launch time



40% of users consider your app as SLOW if it takes >2 seconds to launch

80% of users will uninstall your app if it crashes 3 times

There are now more than 4.7 Million Apps on the App Store 

What is the true cost to your organization of launching a mobile application with performance issues?

What metrics should you monitoring to improve your ratings on the app store?

Understanding the value of mobile performance monitoring is the first step in building a quality mobile app that outperforms and outranks the competition. Businesses are in need of greater visibility and understanding of their mobile performance and user experience.

With Mobile Application Performance Monitoring startups and enterprises alike can begin to truly understand where they need to improve and when they can focus on feature development.

Only monitoring Crash-Free Sessions is a thing of the past, and mobile teams need to expand their knowledge to truly understand how their app is performing. The Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Guide will highlight what mobile teams should be looking for when monitoring the performance of their apps, and how to understand to measure performance success with key metrics.

Key Takeaways

  • What metrics define your mobile app speed and stability
  • The top metrics you should be monitoring 
  • What does Apdex mean to your mobile app
  • How your performance could be impacting your search-ability

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