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Gather feedback from your beta testers and have live conversations with your users!

Bug Reporting and In-App Feedback SDK

for Mobile Apps

The Top Apps in the World Rely on Instabug

Attach Screen Recordings

Even more, users can attach screen recordings to show an animation bug or to show you the steps to reproduce a certain bug. They can also narrate the video to describe what they're recording.

Whenever testers or users report a bug, they’ll be able to draw on the screenshots, blur any sensitive data, or magnify what's most important.

Start engaging your users early on by letting them feel that their feedback is heard. With Instabug, you'll be able to reply back and have a real-time conversation from inside your app

Allow Users to Report Bugs

Engage Your Users

Integrate Instabug with Your Favorite Tool

Continue using the tool of your choice and forward all issues from Instabug's bug reporting SDK to focus on what matters from one place. Whether it's your bug tracker like Jira, communication tool like Slack, or support desk like Zendesk. You name it, we got it!

Get Users Feedback In-App


Spend Days or Weeks Fixing Bugs

Lost Between Hot Fixes and Moderate Bug Severity

Automated Steps to Reproduce, Network Request logs

Prioritize your Backlog according to the Bug Severity


Search for Clues to Resolve Bugs 

Get Negative Feedback in App Store

Fix Bugs in Minutes 

Darius Emrani

Mobile App PM at Yahoo

"As soon as we integrated the SDK and saw our first bug report we knew that we’d made the right choice. It was just so easy and seamless! Now we have instant feedback from our users, which is greatly accelerating product development"

Nishant Asthana

Sr Engineering Manager at eBay

Why Our Users Love Us?

"Instabug makes it easier for our beta testers to quickly send feedback right from within the app, helping us identify and fix critical issues" 

Billy Pham

Beta Program Manager at Lyft

The users love shaking the device to send in feedback! Not to mention the ‘user steps’ tracking that gives the developers a great idea of what the user did to run into a bug

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