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Crashes Is Now Easier Than Ever

Receive comprehensive iOS bug and crash reports from testers and users. Instabug automatically collects all the details you need to fix and build better iOS apps.

Know Exactly What Happened and Fix Bugs Faster

Make it easier for your beta testers and users to send feedback with Instabug's in-app feedback and bug reporting SDK. We will automatically capture details like the network requests, repro steps, and session details to help you debug and fix issues easily.

Monitor Problems and Improve Your App Stability

Analyze the feedback you get to make data-driven decisions and prioritize fixes and features based on insights from user comments. Handle unhappy users in private conversations instead of in the app stores or social media. 

Engage Users and Get Valuable Insights

Boost response rates with in-app surveys.  Get contextual feedback at the right time and in the right place from the right users. Customize your own surveys or use pre-built templates according to your needs.

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for Real-Time Contextual Insights

"We compared Instabug with competitors and we found that Instabug has an advantage because of the quality of the SDK and the level of service in terms of support and documentation. And all of our developers will tell you exactly the same answer."

Antoine Loisance

CRO Lead

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