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Integrate the SDK

You receive reports in your dashboard with user comments and attachments and all the details your team needs to triage and diagnose errors.

Get Comprehensive Data

Users Shake to Report

All your users have to do is shake their phones to report bugs and feedback. You can also customize the ways users invoke Instabug in your app.

How Instabug Works




Catch and Fix Bugs Faster

Figure out the problem immediately. Understand what your users saw by viewing their screen recordings and annotated screenshots.

Verify what was going on behind the scenes by accessing console logs, network logs, messaging logs, user event logs, repro steps, 3D UI layers, and more. Customize the data you collect according to your needs.

Talk to Your Users In-App

Get more info from reporters and thank them for their feedback. Send messages to your users right inside in your app. Manage these conversations and search through your users in your dashboard.

Prevent Costly Issues From Going Live

Eliminate negative reviews with the Instabug SDK. Discover more bugs during internal and beta testing. Minimize errors in production. Get user feedback privately to catch problems quicker and identify happy users to rate you in the app stores.

Connect Instabug With Your Tech Stack

Forward notifications to Slack, bugs to Jira, crashes to GitHub, product feedback to Trello, support tickets to Zendesk, and more. Instabug integrates with all your tools of choice.

Why Instabug? 

"We have found problems that didn’t show up in our analytics, that didn’t show up in our infra metrics, we didn’t see PagerDuty reports, but they came in through Instabug."

"We ship weekly, so everything is very time sensitive. From users submitting issues to us triaging the reports to reaching engineers’ eyes, then investigating and fixing the bug, Instabug saves us time." 

"Our priority when releasing new features is to ensure that we are sending something to production that really works and doesn’t affect the stability of our current application. Instabug is a part of that process that is critical."

Wells Riley

Head of Product and Design

Billy Pham

Technical Program Manager

Fabian Cuesta

Head of Mobile


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