Key Metrics to Monitor for a Successful Mobile App Release

What’s the cost of releasing an app without monitoring crash-free sessions and Apdex?

Get familiar with key metrics to track for an optimal mobile app release

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to setup, benchmark and monitor key performance metrics
  • Gain an understanding of how performance metrics can impact your business 
  • Acquire knowledge of how to prioritize issues according to impact and code ownership

Meet the Speakers

Mahmoud El Magdoub

Ahmed Anwar

Senior Product Manager, Instabug

Senior Product Manager, Instabug

What are the costs and potential impact to your business of an unsuccessful app release?

Join our experts as they explore the reasons why Mobile Apdex and crash-free sessions are critical to monitor during and beyond your app release. Mitigate post-launch headaches and ensure your mobile app is ready for the masses.

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