Live Demo: Managing Large Teams and The Importance of Code Ownership 

Prioritize, alert and centralize each team’s codebase through code ownership

About This Webinar

Every error does not matter to every developer and engineer.

Your team doesn’t need to be alerted to every error, particularly when that error belongs to a different team. Join us as we go through a live demo of the Instabug platform and answer your questions on how to best leverage code ownership within your organization. We will highlight the best practices and capabilities of code ownership and alerting to enable your mobile team’s success. You’ll learn how to define teams, build out alerts, and set up third-party notifications.

Key Takeaways

  • How to define crash criteria that is most imperative to your team
  • Configure notifications through slack and jira that will only ping your defined project teams
  • Alert, prioritize, and debug crashes relevant to the code your team owns
  • Eliminate the noise and confusion that can happen when teams are alerted to issues that may not pertain to their area of responsibility or originate from another team’s codebase.

Meet the Speaker

Aly Elazab

Sales Engineer

Instantly get notified whenever there's a problem in your app through comprehensive bug reports, crash reports, and performance metrics. Receive console logs, network logs, and visual repro steps to easily debug issues; saving you time investigating, diagnosing, and resolving issues.

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