Shipping Quality Apps Is Now Easier Than Ever

Boost your app performance by having one quality metric that measures crashes, slow screen transitions, client-side network latency, or UI hangs.

Know Exactly What Happened and Fix Bugs Faster

Save developers' time spent on resolving performance issues by 4x with Instabug SDK. Instabug automatically attaches device data, network logs, and repro-steps with every bug and crash report to help you debug and fix users' experience before they even complain.

Balance Between Performance Improvements and New Features

Align your team around one quality metric to decide whether to build versus fix. With the help of an app apdex score, know exactly how many users are seeing a satisfying, tolerable, or frustrating experience.

Resolve Your Critical Issues Faster

Utilize performance patterns to narrow down your investigations. Know if an issue relates to a specific app version, device, network connection, or any relevant factor. Inspect score over time to spot trends and spikes.

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